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Work it Out

I wish I loved working out as much as I loved eating healthy food. But sometimes I need a toy to get motivated!

I enjoy riding my bike or taking a walk, but my favorite toy right now is this hula hoop. Unlike the other two activities, hula hooping isn't dependent on the weather, so you can get oscillating whenever you're in the mood!

Hula hoops come in several sizes (not so many shapes, lol), but this one is the perfect weight at 3.1 lbs. It arrives in sections and is very easy to put together. Start with just a few minutes a day.


Did you miss the fanny pack? It was the perfect accessory for carrying around all your essentials without being weighed down. It suddenly became very "uncool" and went underground for some unexplained reason. Thankfully it didn't die and is now up and running in the form of a belt.

This one from Abeter has two zip pockets. Not only is it great for running, walking, and biking, but it's great to clip on when traveling too. It'll easily hold your phone, passport, lip balm, and keys.


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