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Slip into Silk

Although I love cotton, it's a porous material that can soak up the natural oils from your skin and hair. Whereas silk, with its smooth, tightly woven fibers, absorbs less moisture and can help keep your hair and skin hydrated. And hydrated skin shows fewer lines and wrinkles. (Yay!) Also, the lotions and potions you put on your face at night will stay put and get to work while you sleep — instead of ending up on your pillowcase.

So how do you know what type of silk to buy? One of the most important factors is the weight of the silk, measured in momme units (aka mm.) Look for at least 19mm when it comes to pillowcases and bedding. This weight will hold up to numerous washings and is a good balance of quality and affordability. A higher momme weight will mean a thicker, more luxurious material. And the price will be more substantial too!

This pillowcase from Fishers Finery was a top pick from Good Housekeeping, but I love it for the following reasons:

  • Dye-free. Although it comes in numerous colors, the natural white is undyed.

  • No zipper! If you're looking for the gentlest fabric to lay your head on, why risk landing on a hard zipper? This pillowcase has the preferred envelope closing, so if you toss and turn in the night, you'll never land on metal!


Traditional hair scrunchies just aren't very good for our hair. But you can wear these beautiful silk ones around the clock (and they won't leave those annoying creases and dents in your hair.)

These scrunchies from Mommesilk are made from 100% mulberry silk and are super-soft and gentle on your hair. They come in a set of 5 - and the colors are random.


Glam up your evenings and mornings with these beautiful silk pajamas. There are several colors to choose from. But the natural ivory ones (that I'm wearing here) are undyed.

silk pjs_edited.jpg

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